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Friday, February 20, 2015

zho.io往来中文, burning people in destrcutive nation.

dreamt of visiting American President.::this lunar new year bring me a new gift, zhone’s 18th domain, zho.io. I looking after .io for some time, but reckoned it too expensive, about $60 annually to buy. but good news of my kid brother’s loan boasted my confidence. within 2 days I settled it under family sites. yesterday I spent half day expanded the nammespace to facebook, google, vimeo, etc. its first domain I didn’t originally concoct, but remind by reading news. zho stands for zhong language, Chinese, or China as central country, while .io means imput and output. I literally looking forward it gathers conversations between Chinese and world language forums, esp. English which so rich, powerful and meaningful, fruitful. this dawn I dreamt US President, Obama, visiting China. I was assigned handling a site for his visit. I arranged them, the president and his chief staff officer escorting, enjoyed among crowd a scenery pond. they had good time aside water but mud hopelessly stained their shoes. after they changed shoes, I managed the president autograph 8 or 10 books for holding before they left. then dreamt in a class in English exam. I can’t bare lousy cheating murmurs and shift my seat to front row. my senior middle school alumnus, Wang Zaohui, and my once girl friend in Nanikai Univ, Liu Shuyun, among those mocking me during the test before monitoring teacher appears. their jeers led me irresolute. Its a pale morning of second day in lunar new year. I hope tomorrow I can fetch my son do monthly noble life experience, ie, cinema, Walmart, dine out, visiting my dorm. uncertainty is if those services resume then in the boring long traditional Chinese holiday. God, I need more 2-3000 RMB to stay debt free upon beginning lunar 2015. grant me embracing time ahead fearlessly. bring me sooner my Royal China to cultivate in time for agriculture. show my Crowned Queen, Asoh Yukiko, from Japan, road to me and our family preset. thx, dad God.
In the Photo: the crane on unfinished building site near benzrad’s QRRS Dorm, when sunshine still young and brilliant. peaceful life allows him more careful on developing Royal China in his title.


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